Associate Promotion

Goal: 30 Days

Associate Promotion Tracker

As soon as you have completed your Start Up process, it is now time to upgrade your contract level.  As a new associate your compensation is based off of a 25% payout.  By getting your Associate promotion, you increase your commission level to 35%. Click the icon to download the tracker.

Schedule a time with your trainer to put together a business plan

Associate Promotion Tracker

Associate Promotion Requirements

  • Complete 10 Appointments with a Trainer
  • Complete Life License Process
  • Complete Three Results (Client Application or Associate)

Additional Tools

Performance Planner

You are now ready to start tracking your business.  The Performance Planner will help you do this on a quarterly basis.  Click on the icon to download the PDF

Performance Planner

Next step: senior Associate promotion

Are you ready to take the next step? Schedule an appointment with your trainer to get you started on your Senior Associate promotion