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Before getting started, watch the new rep orientation video. This may help answer any immediate questions that you may have.

It will also give you information that you need to know to be ready for your start up appointment

Be Prepared for Your Start Up Appointment

Print off and complete the following materials in advance.  Bring these completed forms to your Start Up appointment and this will help save time in your new rep start up appointment.

1. Personal Financial Strategy Worksheet – This is the form that your trainer will need to complete your personal Financial Needs Analysis

2. Master Name’s List – Just like creating a wedding list to inform people about your big day, the Master Name’s List helps you to ‘announce’ to people regarding your career change. This list should include the same people who would make your wedding list

Make it a priority to build this list as big as you can.  Do your best to fill all 100 spots. Bring this with you to your Start Up appointment so that your trainer can help you get on appointments in a timely manner

3. Memory Jogger – This is a great resource for helping you expand your Master Name’s List.  Read through each scenario and allow your mind to go to work and come up with people you know.  You will be surprised how many people you know. 

Don’t make the mistake of prejudging people’s interest.  That is a common mistake that new reps make that can become a painful lesson at a later point in your career

Personal Financial Strategy Worksheet (PFS)

Master Names List

Memory Jogger


Are you ready to take the next step? By now you should already have an appointment with your trainer to get you started up properly in the business